Hypnosis is a powerful tool for healing body and mind and for harnessing your mind towards your personal goals.

But that doesn't make it a miracle therapy - no other form of therapy is a miracle therapy either - acupuncture, homeopathy, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching- all of these can help you with your personal work- none of them is a miracle cure. It's quite clear to people that every form of work has its particular purpose and also limitations. However, where hypnosis is concerned, there is often  that expectation of it being able to perform a miracle overnight - of one session even being able to solve a multitude of problems. 


My one to one hypnotherapy appointments are tailored to deal with individual issues to suit each client's requirements. I like to move people on as quickly as they can safely make changes so most people have 3-5 sessions.  I try to keep it to a minimum, teaching you what to do so you can get on with things yourself. 

1 Individual Session

First session $199, subsequent sessions $149

Program of 3 Individual Sessions



Program of 5 Individual Sessions


Group Bookings

$50 per person per session

(3 or more people)

Quit Smoking Program


One session with bonus follow up motivation session

Weight Loss Program


Five sessions

All  programs valid for three months