Vegas Scream


Do you experience repeated and unrelenting stress in your life?


Have you noticed the gradual reduction in your ability to downshift?

Are you prone to migraines on  relaxation days after an especially stressful period?


The wear and tear on our system shows up in the form of cardiovascular illnesses, ulcers, tension headaches and panic attacks. Chronic irritability, impatience, depression and frustration lead to actual tissue changes and organ malfunctions. Over-secretion of gastric acid can lead to ulcers; sustained narrowing of the blood vessels can lead to hypertension; and colon hyperactivity can lead to spastic colon or colitis. Other common stress –related disorders include insomnia, migraine headaches, back pain and diabetes.

Have you heard of  the The Holmes And Rahe Stress Scale - some interesting reading is available here.

The immune system – the first line of defence against infection, germs, bacteria and toxins in our bodies – is weakened by stress.  Fear, depression, anger and other negative emotions depress the immune system. Bereavement, depression, loneliness and stress immobilize the natural killer cells within the immune system.

On the other hand, mental messages of calm or joy have been shown to be biologically beneficial. Research at UCLA Medical Centre indicates that a peaceful or calm frame of mind frequently simulates production of interleukins, which are vital substances for the immune system that help activate cancer killing immune cells. Fortunately, an inhibited immune system can recover if the mind’s messages change distress to calmness.

Hypnotherapy by its very nature is relaxing, blood pressure is lowered during a cession as is brain activity. Repeated sessions can results in continued benefits to the mind and body.