Tinnitus is a physical conditions experienced as noises or ringing in the ears or heads when no such external physical noise is present. 

Hypnosis is the perfect choice for the treatment of Tinnitus IF there is no medical/physiological reason for your Tinnitus. So if you have exhausted the possible medical reasons for your Tinnitus e.g. eardrum damage through disease or injury, blocked eustachian tubes, industrial deafness, otosclerosis, medications, Menieres disease, TMJ (Temporo- Mandibular Joint) problems etc. then hypnotherapy should be able to help you.

Hypnosis cannot cure tinnitus. It can treat tinnitus and help the mind turn down the volume and/or become de-sensitised to the noise. If your Tinnitus is caused by stress and fatigue then it is possible to reduce the noise to a

Significant emotional events occur all through our lives. Some are positive and as a result we can recreate positive feelings, emotions and physiological reactions from our memory. Others bring with them negative emotions and physiological reactions. The body can also recreate the side effects of tinnitus when under acute stress. The
brain becomes confused with what to remember where, and it just appears. Once the noise has appeared, you often become more stressed about it, which in turn increases the noise, and so on.

When you are tired, the body is under stress, and your ability to filter out noises reduces. For instance when you
are tired -  the TV might sound too ‘loud’ or the kids are making ‘too much noise’ even though the levels of noise
are no more than usual. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), social anxiety, and depression may carry the side effect of tinnitus. Those who have suffered with a stroke may also have attention
difficulties which leads to fatigue which can trigger tinnitus.


Various foods and medications are also known to cause tinnitus, the British Tinnitus Association has some useful information.


Hypnotherapy for tinnitus is not a quick fix and regular appointments are necessary.