Hypnosis a gentle and natural smoking cessation technique chosen by many smokers to make this permanent change in their lives including Britney Spears, Prince Harry, Ashton Kutcher, Matt Damon who have all quit smoking with hypnosis. Yet hypnosis for quit smoking is still clouded in mystery so to help lift some of these clouds please read on.

 1 Are You Looking for an Easy Way to Quit Smoking?

What could be easier than relaxing while having a quit smoking hypnotist guides you through changing your beliefs, feelings and habits related to smoking. And then, the feeling of empowerment when you come back to ordinary awareness focused on quitting helps you cut much of the struggle out of smoking cessation. Without hypnosis many quitters relapse because they still believe that smoking is a viable crutch to help them relax, feel confident, or stay slim. If you use hypnotherapy to quit smoking you will be able to relax and feel confident despite quitting, you will feel good about yourself and that will make the quitting easy. So if you know that now is your time and you are ready to make that change for your and no one else - hypnotherapy can help.


2. Do You Want to Enjoy Quitting Smoking?

Hypnotherapy like any other quit smoking brings forth all the health benefits of quitting smoking, including- breathing more easily, our heart and lungs will recover within a few weeks and your skin and hair will start to look better once the toxins leave your system. Using hypnotherapy to quit smoking, you will feel proud of yourself and positive about the future, and because you know that you can quit smoking, you can, in fact, do anything. And who would want to go back to smoking once they are in such a great place?

3. Do You Feel Powerless to Stop Smoking?

Quit smoking hypnosis is all about enabling you to take back control of your life from tobacco by changing the subconscious programming you have in place that keeps the addiction going. You may have programmed yourself to always smoke while drinking coffee for example. Therefore, cups of coffee have become a powerful trigger to smoke. If you are like most smokers, you will find it impossible to sit through these triggers without reaching for cigarettes. Hypnotherapy to quit smoking can remove these associations, resulting in an understanding and feeling on a deep level that you have choice. And once you have choice, you are back in control.

4. Are You Worried About Cravings?

Quit smoking cravings are one of the biggest challenges for those who stop smoking using willpower alone. Research has shown that those using stop smoking hypnosis experience fewer cravings. In fact, many people who use hypnotherapy to quit smoking report that they experience no cravings at all. Instead, they describe the quitting process as easy, like Margaret here.


5. Do You Want to Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight?

Hypnotherapy is also used for weight management. A good hypnotherapist will include powerful hypnotic suggestions about keeping your weight steady in your smoking hypnosis session, so you can quit smoking without gaining weight.

6. Do You Want to be Free of Every Smoking Substance?

When you quit smoking with hypnosis there is no need for vaping, nicotine replacement products or medications. Be genuinely free and go the natural route with hypnotherapy.


7. Do You Want to save money and Quit Smoking?

Save your hard-earned cash. A packet of 30 cigarettes currently costs about $40. So you can quit smoking for less than the price of 13 packets. In other words if you smoke a packet of 30 a day, within 13 days of not smoking you will have paid for your stop smoking hypnosis and have money for the things you really want to do in life.


8. Do You Want to Remain Smoke Free for Life?

When you use hypnotherapy to quit smoking, your program will teach your brain to understand that you must remain a non smoker for life. You will understand this very clearly and you will be motivated to do so. Using hypnotherapy to quit smoking, your beliefs about and feelings towards tobacco will change. The point will come when you won’t feel attracted to it any more. You will probably wonder why you ever bothered to smoke at all.


9. Do You Feel Addicted to Smoking?

Quitting cigarettes or tobacco becomes easy once your beliefs about tobacco and your feelings towards smoking change so that you clearly feel and understand that there is nothing to be gained from smoking. When you use hypnotherapy to quit smoking you can make these changes easily.


10. Do You Think Smoking Gives You Something?

Many people keep smoking because they believe that smoking keeps them calm, gives them confidence or helps them control their weight. What you believe about smoking determines how you feel about it. And as long as you believe something to be gained from smoking, you will continue to justify the ‘habit’. And as long as you justify smoking addiction you simply won’t be ready to stop for good. Your hypnotherapist will help you change your beliefs about smoking so you will be able to clearly understand at a deep level that smoking attacks your health, your finances, your looks, and ultimately your life.

11. Would You Benefit From Relaxation?

If so, hypnotherapy kills two birds with one stone. Not only does hypnotherapy to quit smoking benefit your quitting journey, but experiencing hypnosis will teach you how to relax in both body and mind. Once you have experienced this state, you can use this wonderful relaxed state to work on other changes you want to make in your life, such as changing your life.

'Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little'. New Scientist Magazine.

So if you want to stop smoking for yourself and for no one else, and you follow my instructions, you will become a non smoker.