Baby's Clutch


Any number of things can hamper fertility and hypnosis is a very effective way of helping you become fertile. Some women need help losing weight, others need assistance with exercise motivation, or reducing their alcohol or caffeine consumption. And some women have unresolved traumas that need to be worked through, such as miscarriages, stillbirths, terminations, abusive past relationships or bereavements. Even a woman’s own difficult birth, or stories she’s been told of other’s traumatic births can also be an obstacle to conception, as can a fear of repeating negative parenting styles you yourself may have experienced. Sometimes it's just that your life is so busy that there doesn’t seem to be room for a baby in it.

By far the most common issue that hinders fertility is stress.  Stress is extremely detrimental to fertility because it can delay the release of eggs and prevent the implantation of fertilised eggs, and the ‘flight or fight’ response channels blood away from the reproductive organs and into the arms and legs to prepare the person to flee or fight. It also has a negative effect on hormones: boosting levels of fertility-inhibiting prolactin and reducing levels of progesterone, which is essential for building and maintaining the uterine lining.”


Having difficulty conceiving or undergoing IVF are extremely stressful experiences so let me teach you how to reduce your stress levels.