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Is maintaining a comfortable weight a struggle for you? Have you tried every diet? Is your life a constant see-saw of weight gain, weight loss and weight gain? every time you lose weight do you seem to put it back on and more?

If the diet can be changed to eating less food and more healthy food and some moderate exercise is introduced into your lifestyle than obviously losing weight should be easy right?  If only it was that simple. Losing weight is made to sound a lot easier than it actually is, there are many and various reasons people have food association issues including emotional ones, beliefs formed since childhood, expectations, triggers, behaviours and habits.

Whatever the reasons for you not being in control of your eating habits – it is beneficial to also reduce underlying anxiety. Reducing general anxiety, helps enormously with the body's response to food.  When we produce less of the stress hormone cortisol, we have much more control over cravings, we behave much more logically, and even store less fat.

The only safe and sure way to control weight is by exercising and by changing your eating habits. Diets often stress what you cannot eat, setting up an inner conflict that can enforce a craving. A better approach is to eat three balanced meals; eating things you like – but in moderation. With hypnosis, your inner mind can regulate what is a sensible amount for you. Hypnosis may be your answer because it works at a mind level – not at a mouth or stomach level – and your weight is determined by your mind.

There is no magic pill, nothing can have a lasting effect, until you change your way of thinking first. A healthy body begins with healthy thoughts, a slim body begins with slim thoughts.

My healthy eating program helps you change the way you think and feel about food and your shape and size, so that you can achieve the healthier, slimmer body that you want. Each hypnotherapy session is crafted just for you, so that your specific behaviours and beliefs that affect your weight are focused on. No more self-sabotaging, no more eating for comfort, you will feel more confident and motivated to lose the excess weight and keep it off.

So whether you want to lose or gain, a little or a lot, I can work with you to help you attain your goals.