Reading a Book


Is it difficult for you to concentrate fully on what you are doing? Do your thoughts wander? Are you easily distracted? Do things seem to slip your mind? The harder you try to concentrate, the more difficult it becomes, and the more frustrated you become?

Hypnosis for improving memory and concentration can both increase the speed at which you learn, and help you more easily retain the material you have learned.

Hypnosis is especially helpful to students of all ages no matter what you are studying. For example,  not only students, but business people and travelers use hypnosis as a study aid in learning other languages. You can do this too.

Why not let allow your inner mind record and retain the information until you need to retrieve it. And, maybe many years later, when you are in a foreign country, the words you learned will be there when you need them.


As well as this, you’ll generally enjoy using your mind to increase your awareness, and you’ll think more clearly and creatively with less effort.

General points

  • In order for information to have meaning, you must understand what you are learning.

  • In order to remember something thoroughly it must be of interest to you and have some value and/or relevance in your life.

  • Attention is not learning, but little learning takes place without attention.

  • Your understanding of new information is reliant on what you already know that you can meaningfully connect to it.

  • You can aid your memory of information by organising it into categories or groups that have meaning for you.

  • Relax. Stress and tension interfere with the memory process. Take several deep breaths…relax…and wait for the memory to pop into the conscious mind.