Elbow Greetings


  1. Death of a spouse or child

  2. Divorce

  3. Marital separation

  4. Imprisonment

  5. Death of a close family member

  6. Personal injury or illness

  7. Marriage

  8. Dismissal from work

  9. Marital reconciliation

  10. Retirement

The preceding list comprises arguably the 10 most common major life changes.  These days we may include Covid to the list as this has changed our lives beyond anything we could have imaged.  Individually each event can be traumatic, but throughout life their effects can compound until the glass is full, and one more drop causes us to tip over the edge.  Many people don't realise this until they get to this stage.  Whether you are there already or recognise the signs - hypnotherapy can help, call me 0427 639 778.

Solaris Cancer Care knows the importance of  Hypnotherapy for people going through cancer, post cancer treatment and also for the people living with them.  We all know someone who has cancer or has had cancer, I am proud to be able to donate my time weekly to this charity.  The Wellness Centre at Cottesloe is a lifechanging place, make an appointment with me there or come and see me privately.