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Studies across the United States, United Kingdom and Australia have found that around 20% of adults in the general population are chronic procrastinators and it is often much higher in school or university settings (75% – 95%).

Procrastination is therefore fairly typical behaviour, but people often mistake procrastination for laziness. The definition of procrastination is ”making a decision, for no valid reason, to delay or not complete a task or goal you’ve committed to, and instead do something of lesser importance, despite there being negative consequences to not following through on the original task or goal”

Ie you needlessly put off or don’t complete something you made a commitment to doing. You generally substitute the task for something that has lower priority, and you do this despite the fact that there disadvantages to procrastinating.


An intentional decision not to do something is involved. It may be very fast, automatic and be like a habit, so that you may not even realise that you’ve made the decision.

You may not be someone who puts off doing everything in life, you may procrastinate more in some areas than others. For example in study or work projects, or health check-ups, or changing our diet or exercise routine.


So any task we need to complete, any problem we need to solve or any goal we might want to achieve, can be a source of procrastination. Let hypnotherapy help you take back control of your life and achieve your goals.