The 8 Most Common Smoking Triggers

Have you tried and failed AGAIN to give up smoking?

Do you triggered to smoke even though you know every cigarette is taking 2 minutes off your life?

Triggers are the moods, feelings, places, or things you do in your daily life that turn on your desire to smoke. They may include things like

  • feeling bored

  • being around smokers

  • starting the day

  • feeling stressed

  • being in a car

  • drinking coffee or tea

  • enjoying a meal

  • drinking alcohol

Knowing your triggers helps you stay in control because you can choose to avoid them or keep your mind distracted and busy when you cannot avoid them.

When hypnosis is used to quit smoking the links between these triggers and the desire to smoke are broken and cravings are diminished. Quit Smoking with hypnosis reduces the feeling of being deprived of a cigarette fades very quickly, it removes the desire and the need to smoke.

If you decide to quit smoking easily with hypnosis - then contact me now!

If you decide not to include hypnosis in your quit smoking life style change, then these extra tips for when you are feeling bored may help:

  • Plan more activities than you have time for.

  • Make a list of things to do when confronted with free time.

  • Do not stay in the same place too long.

  • Distract yourself with a book, magazine, or crossword puzzle.

  • Look at and listen to what is going on around you.

  • Carry something to keep your hands busy.

  • Listen to a song.

  • Go outdoors, if you can, but not to places you associate with smoking.

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